Esco Bars Kilo Wild Strawberry – Disposable Pod Vape

Esco Bars Kilo Wild Strawberry is one of the most popular brands in the industry. They had a great variety of flavors and did something unique-they partnered with vape juice manufacturers to create original collaborations that brought something new to the market.

Kilo Wild Strawberry is a sweet and fruity flavor that is sure to please all vaporizer enthusiasts. It has outstanding notes of vine-ripened strawberries that burst in your mouth with delicious flavor.

Wild Strawberry

The Wild Strawberry flavor by Esco Bars Kilo is a delightful vape that is bursting with fruity notes of vine-ripened strawberries. You’ll enjoy this flavor every time you puff.

This Pastel Cartel disposable vape comes in a unique design with crazy colors that will make you want to take it everywhere you go. It’s powered by a 1500mAh battery and has 9ml of e-liquid that can last you days.


The Kilo x Esco Bars collaboration is a fantastic creation, bringing together the best of both worlds. Featuring a 1500mAh battery and 9ml of Kilo E-liquid, this disposable vape pod offers a staggering 4000 puffs!

The vaporizer also has a blinking LED that indicates when the tank is empty. This is something that should be taken into consideration, as it can indicate a low battery or other issues.

Mango Twist

The Esco Bars Kilo 4000 Puffs disposable vape is a great choice for any vaper who likes to enjoy different flavors. It features a 1500mAh battery, 9ml of premium KILO e-liquid and a Mesh Max Technology that delivers a smooth hit and great flavor.

You’ll love the crazy colors that each flavor comes in! It’s a sleek and portable device that will make you want to hold onto it for as long as possible.

Blue Raspberry Ice

With a strong, yet fruity flavor, the Esco Bars Kilo Blue Raspberry Ice is sure to satisfy any vaping tastebud. It will also transport you to a tropical island paradise with each puff.

This disposable vape has a 1500mAh battery and 9mL of liquid that will last for up to 4000 puffs. It also comes pre-charged so you can take it on the go with you.

Watermelon Bubblegum

The watermelon bubblegum flavor from Esco Bars Kilo is a snazzy way to vape some juicy squirts of refreshing watermelon blended with a powdered sugared bubblegum blast that lasts. This is one of the best fruity e-liquids on the market.

This is a collaboration between the folks at Esco Bars and Fresh Farms, a maker of premium e-liquids, so you know it’s good stuff. It features a mesh coil that makes the flavor pop in ways that more traditional disposable vaping devices can’t. It also has 4000 puffs of e-liquid capacity to spare!


Brazzberry is a fusion of blue raspberry with sweet and tart touches that create an explosion of flavor in your mouth. It is one of the most popular vape flavors available for the Esco Bars Kilo.

These disposable vapes come with 9ml of e-juice and last up to 4000 puffs. They are powered by a 1500mAh battery and a draw-activated trigger mechanism.

Cotton Candy

This is a great fruity vape that will make you feel like you’re in a candy shop. It’s one of the most delicious flavors on the market.

This device from Kilo and Pastel Cartel is a new take on the disposable vape and it’s definitely worth the money. It has a 1500mAh battery, 9mL of Synthetic Salt Nicotine and produces 4000 puffs. It also has a patented piece of cotton that surrounds the coil to keep the liquid circulating and maintain the taste.


The new Esco Bars Kilo disposable vape is a compact device that boasts an appealing design, a large tank, and a durable battery. It also delivers a high number of puffs so that you get enough of the flavor you love.

This candy-inspired vape mixes blue razz sweetness with cotton candy for an explosion of flavors that will leave you smiling. It’s ideal for sweet-tooth vapers and fruit vapers alike.

Blueberry Papaya Strawberry

This e-juice by Esco Bars Kilo features the delicious flavors of blueberry, papaya and strawberries. It is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fruity vape juice. The flavor is rich and fruity, and you’ll probably be sad when you run out. It comes in a disposable vape that has a 1500mah battery, a 9ml tank and delivers astronomical 4000 puffs. It also has a blinking LED indicator. This is a great option for vapers who are looking for an excellent disposable vape that lasts weeks or months.