Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint Disposable – 2000 Puffs

Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint is a delightful fruity fusion of Pomegranate and berries, topped off with an icy bite. It is the perfect flavor for vapers looking for a different flavor experience.

Next gen vaping has arrived from Breeze Smoke, featuring an advanced Mesh Coil design. It offers more hits, new and exciting flavors, and a smoother vapor experience.


The Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint is a great choice for anyone looking for a fruity vape that’s as refreshing as it is tasty. This juice features a high quality 1000mAh battery, 6ml of E-Liquid, and 5% salt nicotine to deliver a smooth vaping experience that’s perfect for the beginner or the experienced smoker.

The best part is that you can enjoy this scrumptious concoction at home or on the go. This jumbo sized pod is packed with a whopping 2000 puffs of goodness.

It’s no secret that the Breeze has a reputation for creating some of the best tasting e-liquids on the market. They’ve done it again with their latest and greatest release: the newest entrant into the Breeze family, the Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint. This flavor combines the best of all berry flavors and the ice-cooling technology to deliver a sweet, tangy treat that you’ll be sure to appreciate. You’ll be surprised by just how many times you’ll find yourself reaching for this bottle in a day.

Banana Mint

Banana mint, botanically classified as Mentha arvensis, is a popular home garden variety that has gained popularity for its unique scent and flavor. It also produces small lilac flowers that are highly attractive to bees and other beneficial pollinators.

This low-growing, creeping mint grows in partial shade or full sunlight and is well suited to most types of well-drained soils. Its soft, fuzzy leaves and banana scent make it fun to grow.

Its growth is not as aggressive as some mints, and it can be used as a controlled ground cover in mixed borders. It does not tolerate dry soils, so keep the soil moist but not saturated.

This mint is a great addition to any herb garden. It produces lovely lilac whorls of flowers in summer and has a pleasant banana scent. It makes a good culinary garnish and is particularly suited to iced summer drinks.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a favorite flavor of many and this Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint takes the blue raspberry to a new level by mixing it with icy mint to make a truly unique and refreshing vape. It’s a perfect combination of juicy sweet blueberries and cool, crisp mint making it one of the best flavors in the Breeze Pro line!

This disposable vape is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a cool and refreshing e-liquid that they can keep in their pocket all day. It features a 6ml E-juice capacity and is prefilled with a 1000mAh battery that will last approximately 1800 puffs. It is also made with a premium quality battery, which means you will not experience burnt taste or E-juice leaks when you use it.

Strawberry Peach Mint

Strawberry Peach Mint is a sweet and juicy vape flavor that is sure to tickle your taste buds. It has a minty finish that is just as refreshing as it is delicious! It also features a special ice cooling technology for ultimate satisfaction! This flavor is sure to be a hit with any fruit lover.

Bubble Gum Freeze is another great flavor from Breeze Pro, it features a combination of fruity flavors that will get your taste buds tingling. It’s a perfect mix of bubble gum, strawberries and a hint of cotton candy! With an icy blast in the forefront and a subtle hint of strawberry on the second note, this is a delicious vape that is sure to make you want to try it over and over again!