Flum Vape Strawberry Ice Cream Disposable Vape Device

The Flum vape is a disposable e-cigarette that comes in a variety of flavors. From fruit-based flavors to desserts and ice-cream, there’s a flavor for everyone. The Flum vape is made in China by KPMG Imports and can be purchased online and in local vape shops.

14 flavors

When it comes to choosing a great vape juice, Flum is the company to go with. They offer a variety of flavors that are both delicious and safe for you to use. Flum Float comes with over 10 unique flavors to choose from, including Peach Gelato, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pina Polo, Strawberry Mango, Mixed Berries, and menthol. There is also a menthol option that gives you a cool and refreshing taste.

Flum is a premium vape brand that manufactures disposable vaporizers. The company is led by Flumigo Technology Limited, and the company has created the Flum Float and Flum Gio Disposable Vapes. Flum gained recognition in the vape world with its first product, the Flum Float, which features outstanding quality and a dependable salt nicotine delivery system. Flum Vapor also offers flavor-infused disposable vapes with unique and refreshing taste combinations.

Unique design

The Flum vape features a unique design that makes it more comfortable to use. It also boasts a large battery capacity, which means it can last for over 3000 puffs. It’s also very easy to use. The Flum Vape is part of the Flum Vapor series, which includes the Flum Float and Gio.

The Flum Float Vape is one of the most comfortable and smoothest disposable vapes on the market. It’s cylindrical design and integrated mouthpiece give users a smooth MTL experience. It’s also fully pre-filled and rechargeable, and its airtight packaging means that you won’t have to worry about the vapor getting everywhere. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different flavors for the perfect vape.

Large non-rechargeable battery

Using a non-rechargeable battery on a Flum Vape is a great way to extend your use of the product. You can get about 3000 puffs out of the device before you have to recharge it. This means that you can have a larger vape battery than usual and enjoy your favorite flavors longer.

It is advisable to store your battery separately from metallic jewelry. Also, never leave it in a purse or pocket. You should also keep the battery away from children and pets. If you accidentally swallow the battery, you must seek medical attention right away. In addition, keep the battery out of direct sunlight and away from water and heat. You should also charge the battery in a fireproof container.

Unique flavor combinations

The Flum float disposable device is available in a number of unique flavor combinations. One of the most popular is Lush Ice. This icy flavor is perfect for summertime because of its refreshing combination of watermelon and mint. This flavor has become so popular that several brands of vape have replicated it.

Another unique flavor combination is the Flum Float Aloe Grape. This is an intensely refreshing flavor, but it’s not for everyone. The combination of grape and aloe isn’t a combination most vapers enjoy. The Flum Float also comes with a pre-filled, pre-charged cartridge that is easy to fill and to use. This device also has a draw-activated firing mechanism.


The Flum vape is a safe vaping solution for beginners. The device is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started. It is also durable and lightweight. This vape is made in China and is available from most online vape retailers. You can also purchase them at local vape shops.

The Flum vape has a battery and e-juice pod that are self-contained. This means you can vape anywhere without worrying about charging or discharging the device. However, it is important to use care with battery-powered devices, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. It is also important to prevent water damage by not immersing the device in water.

Made in China

Chinese regulators are cracking down on flavored e-cigarettes, but they have not completely wiped out the industry. The ban on online sales was a serious blow to the industry, but most large players in the Chinese e-cigarette market have responded by expanding their footprint with brick-and-mortar shops, often placed in prominent locations in busy shopping districts. This has allowed the industry to continue its rapid growth.

The Flum vape comes in fourteen delicious flavors. The range covers fruit-based to dessert and ice-cream flavors. The Flum float is made in China by KPMG Imports, and can be purchased online or in local vape shops.