Smart Key Duplication

Automotive Smart Key Duplication & Programming

Replacing a lost car key used to be fairly simple. You could go to the local hardware store and have a basic key duplicated for about $10.

Today, most cars have a transponder chip in the key that protects against car theft. This makes the keys more expensive to duplicate and harder for tech-savvy thieves to steal.

Transponder Chip Keys

Unlike regular keys, chip keys use a tiny computer chip to transmit a signal that authenticates with the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). It will not start unless it receives this signal. This is designed to prevent car theft and makes them more expensive than a regular key.

Thankfully, automotive locksmith specialists can duplicate these keys fairly easily. This is due to the fact that the transponders are not encrypted in a way that requires special software. There are even cloning machines for these types of car keys that can be purchased by locksmiths.

You’ll want to choose a machine that is capable of cloning the largest variety of chip keys and has the capability to be updated as new transponder technology is introduced. There are a number of these on the market, including the Ilco RW4 Plus Transponder Duplicator. The manufacturer offers free updates for a year after purchase and then charges a nominal fee to receive them.

Laser Cut Keys

Whether you’re looking for a new key or need to duplicate yours, laser cut keys provide an extra layer of security that makes them difficult to steal. They are also easier to use, as they fit into the lock cylinder better than traditional keys.

The keys are created by using a milling machine that uses a small bit, similar to a standard drill bit, to remove the metal at a precise, set depth. The process is extremely precise and takes a skilled technician to do properly.

Unlike traditional keys that are easy to duplicate, laser cut keys require a locksmith or dealership to cut them, making it harder for a thief to copy the original. They also include transponder chips that connect to the car’s system, ensuring it only operates when within range of the chip. These are just a few of the reasons why laser cut keys are more expensive compared to traditional keys.

Key Fobs

Key fobs are a popular means of accessing vehicles, office buildings and apartment complexes. They are also used to control small household devices that use remote control functionality, such as garage door openers.

Unlike traditional metal keys, key fobs contain a small RFID chip that sends signals to the device that locks or unlocks the door. This type of security system is often more efficient and easier to use.

However, many people are concerned that key fobs are vulnerable to hacking and that it is easy for them to be duplicated. When this happens, security is compromised and individuals are put at risk of being robbed or assaulted.

To combat this issue, many companies that make key fob copies verify your identity to prevent unauthorized duplication of your key. You can do this by searching for a company that offers this service online and filling out their copy request application. Most companies list which key fobs they can duplicate remotely on their website.

Remote Parts

A smart key is more than just a regular car key because it typically comes with a remote part that can lock or unlock your doors and trunk. It also usually comes with a button that will allow you to remotely start your car’s ignition. When you press a remote control button on your Smart Key Duplication, it sends a unique encrypted signal that broadcasts a new frequency for the vehicle to detect. Unlike a regular key that broadcasts the same frequency all the time, this technology makes it much harder for tech-savvy thieves to hack into your vehicle. This feature is incredibly useful when you have a dog sitter or housesitter, and it can help prevent them from accidentally locking your door or letting someone else in.