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8500 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

The 8500 Puffs Disposable Vape is an easy-to-use, stylish and flavorful vaping device. It also has a long battery life and large e-liquid capacity.

A survey reveals that disposable pod devices are becoming more common among middle and high school youth. However, little is known about their flavour preferences and why they use these devices.


The Bling Platinum ETERNITY 8500 PUFFS DISPOSABLE VAPE POD is a premium vape that offers great performance at a reasonable price. It comes with a high-performance coil and airflow that produces tasty flavors and thick clouds.

Its e-juice is made from high-quality food-grade ingredients and uses inch-perfect concentrations of vegetable glycerine, propyl glycol and other flavoring compounds for a smooth and luxurious experience. It is also safe for your health and an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes.

The Strawberry Pineapple Blueberry flavor from Bling Platinum ETERNITY 8500 PUFFS is an exciting fruity blend that brings together sweet strawberries, pineapple and blueberries with a blast of fresh menthol to keep you cool and refreshed on every inhale. It’s one of 18 amazing flavors in the Bling Eternity disposable pods collection and offers a satisfying vaping experience at a price you can afford.

Easy to use

Disposable vapes are very easy to use, which makes them ideal for new users. They are also a great way to kick the habit of smoking.

Most disposables come with a number of features that make them easy to use, such as the ability to change pods. Some even have an adjustable airflow knob that helps you adjust the amount of smoke that you want to produce.

Disposables are also inexpensive and come in a wide variety of flavors. They are perfect for people who are trying to quit smoking or just looking for a new flavor. They also don’t require any maintenance or charging.

Stylish design

When it comes to disposable vapes, they are a popular choice for on-the-go vapers. They are easy to use and can save you a lot of money over the long run.

Moreover, they are also more environmentally friendly than cigarettes. Since they contain rechargeable batteries, they last for a long time.

However, it is important to choose a device that is suitable for your needs. If you like to vape frequently, you might want to go for a higher capacity disposable.

For example, you can get a disposable pod vape that offers 15ml of e-juice and serves as many as 8500 puffs. You can also choose from a variety of flavors to match your tastes.

Flavorful vapor

The BLING PLATINUM ETERNITY 8500 PUFFS DISPOSABLE VAPE POD produces flavorful vapor, thanks to its high-performance coil. This device is easy to use and produces a thick cloud, making it a great choice for newbies and vapers on the go.

It also comes with a large battery capacity, allowing you to enjoy up to 8500 puffs of e-liquid before your device runs out of juice. This is a huge deal when it comes to disposable vapes, as it’s often difficult to get an exact number of puffs out of a single device.

Long battery life

One of the best features of this device is its long battery life. It lasts for 6-7 days of vaping, which is great for chain smokers and those who want to have their daily fix on the go.

Another thing that will help your disposable vape last longer is to store it in a cool and dry place. This way, it won’t have to deal with the moisture and cold temperatures that will damage its batteries.

It’s also important to use a smaller amount of e-liquid each time you take a puff. A big hit will cause the device to heat up more quickly and drain its battery, which can lead to a short lifespan.